I was born and grew up in a little village in Chesterfield and have been involved in race horses for over 20 years. Betting on them has always been something i’ve been interested in since being a kid, watching my grandparents study the local paper mainly on a Saturday for hours, to finally write down their 2p or even 5p ( if they were fancied ) Round Robins. Then it was off to the local village bookies to place their bets. Afterwards back home, I remember them doing a phone bet later in the day, a scrap bet is what I recall it being described as.

As time went on, then so did the stakes, 10p Round Robin, 30p Round Robin, 50p Round Robin, always round robins. Then came the day where i’d been saving up my spending money and i wanted a £1 win on a horse called Waterloo Boy. I remember it well as it was unbeaten but unknowing to me was up in class. Despite calls from my Grandparents saying that wont win, I wanted it and was adamant it would win. Well it did win and at odds of 20/1 ! I was overjoyed, especially when my grandad was fetching me the winnings.

The next one I remember was a striking Grey horse, no other than the one and only Desert Orchid, Dessie as she was known. I was shouting at the telly as she got up in the final strides to win against a horse called Yahoo. It was the 1989 Cheltenham Gold Cup. It didn’t make anywhere near the £20 that i’d won previously but it wasn’t about the money back then, it was about the buzz.

Well basically this is where it all began for me

I spent my teenage years working in different trades to eventually become the proud owner of my own window cleaning round, which I did for several years and it was while I was doing this that I actually got into the horseracing industry.

I was cleaning the windows for some owners, when one week as I went back to collect my money, they were arguing on the phone and on slamming it down I heard him shout it had better win tomorrow. I cannot name the horse on here but what i can tell you is that from the next day, I never looked back.

I’d put all my weeks earnings what I had collected on the horse and I had never been as nervous as I watched this horse absolutely bolt up. From around £300 to over £5,000 what a return. I was straight in my car heading for Yorkshire the very next day almost throwing everything I had at the trainer for a share in a horse.

The trainer has since passed away, ( Rest in peace my old friend ) so i’m not mentioning names but lets just say that was the opening that I needed to get where I am today.


I pay alot of money out for inside information, regularly visiting stables up and down the country, mainly the smaller stables. Over time it’s fair to say that I have struck up good friendships with a number of trainers, stable staff, work riders, jockeys, owners and even breeders.

You know the saying, Money Talks and Bull sh_t Walks, well once you join my site and become a member, you will see for yourself with proof just what I mean. They don’t all win, but most do !!

I am also still personally involved in racehorse ownership

My aim for 2024 is to get a racing club together and also some syndicates for members only after going to the yearling sales later this year.