Well everyone likes to beat the bookie, and together we can!

I will regularly update the website informing you when the next SPECIAL TIP is running and asking one simple question


Then all you have to do is text me with the word “IN” along with your membership number and I will email you the name of the horse on the morning of the race as you will already know when it’s running a few days before. You choose whether you want the SPECIAL TIP or not, it’s that easy!

Just remember to keep checking the website for when the next SPECIAL TIP is running as the date will always be posted on here first.

If you want to receive the SPECIAL TIP, and agree to the terms of paying the fee of £10, which can be paid via the link on the email sent with the name of the horse, text ” in ” along with your membership number to TEL 07476 780 264 and the SPECIAL TIP will be classed as accepted.

It really couldn’t be any easier. But for any questions please use the contact us form on this website.

No SPECIAL TIP will ever be given until the day of the race as I believe it’s only fair that connections get their money on first, which most do anyway the night before the race, although there are still plenty who bet with the on-course bookies.


What’s stopping me not paying the £10 fee for the SPECIAL TIP ?

There is nothing stopping you – It all comes down to trust!

The reason I am charging a £10 fee for the SPECIAL TIP, is that the majority of time it has cost me a lot of money to get, with no guarantees of it winning.

If the £10 fee isn’t received, then your membership will be immediately terminated with no refund and you will also be blocked from the website and unable to re-join.

I am looking for genuine, trustworthy people who will keep my tips to themselves.

How many SPECIAL TIPS will I give out?

There is no guarantee in the number of SPECIAL TIPS I will give out although I will try and aim for at least one every week.

I will from time to time put fancies on the home page of the website for anyone to see, but please don’t take these as tips or inside information, they will be just, and only just my fancies on the day.

90% of the tips will be from smaller trainers. There is often no prices to the fancied horses from the top trainers although I do get the odd one that’s a decent price, but its also much harder to get the information.

We all like big priced winners and its my job to provide you with them. Try my service for just one season, and you’ll realize we’re so different from any other tipping service out there.