Well everyone likes to beat the bookie, and together we can!

I pay a lot of money out for inside information and it’s getting harder and harder to place big money bets due to a number of changes with the gambling commission, affordability checks, accounts being closed etc.

Gone are the days you can walk into a betting shop and put hundreds on. With starting my tipping service you too have a chance to benefit. I’ll help you out, you help me out. It’s a 2 way streak.


I can sometimes give £500 and upwards to a trainer and / or connections and let’s say it loses, then I spend another £500, that’s £1000, plus say £200 for the 1st losing bet. if the 2nd horse wins at 5/1 with £200 win on it i’m getting £1200 back, so i’m actually losing £200 as my outlay was £1400, plus I may have driven 1000 miles too!

By sharing my tips, and charging just £10 for my SPECIAL TIPS, i’m doing all the hard work by acquiring them so we can all benefit. I’m not your ordinary Horse racing tipster. I go to great lengths and take huge risks to get the inside information needed to win time and time again.

I am sure just £50 for the current flat season membership, and/or £80 for both the 2023 flat and the 2023-2024 jumps season membership and only £10 for each SPECIAL TIP you opt in for, is true value for money for the information you will receive.